New Washington Commanders Odds For Yet Another Name Change

Washington, D.C. NFL Franchise logos for Redskins, Football Team, and Commanders

Washington, D.C. NFL Franchise logos for Redskins, Football Team, and Commanders

After playing professional football in the Washington, D.C. area as the Redskins for 87 years, former owner Daniel Snyder succumbed to pressure to change their name in 2020.

That season, the Washington Football Team took to the field but only held that title for two total seasons. In 2022, the Washington Commanders were born, but the franchise was sold to Josh Harris following that campaign.

Now, betting odds are suggesting that the Washington Commanders will change their name once again after the 2023-24 season. The following NFL prop bet implies a 75% probability that the Commanders will indeed change their franchise name.

Will The Washington Commanders Change Their Name Before The 2024-25 NFL Season?

Another prop is on the boards suggesting that if the name is changed, it will most likely return to the Washington Football Team. Many of the same options are on the boards from when we reported on Washington’s name change odds back in 2022.

Washington Commanders Odds For Next Team Name

Football Team/Club +500
Spartans +700
Magic/Magicians +900
Red Hogs +900
Armada +900
Presidents +1000
Senators +1000
Sentinels +1000
DCs +1000
Ambassadors +1000
Defenders +1000
Brigade +1000
Red Tails +1000
Wolves +1000
Owls +1400
Crimson +1400
Red Pigs +2000
Monuments +3000
Redskins +2500

At the bottom of the above NFL betting line is an option to wager on the franchise returning to its original name – the Redskins. While this may seem outlandish – and the odds suggest so – the Native American Guardians Association issued a statement demanding that the Redskins name be reinstalled.

🚨BREAKING: Native American Guardian’s Association Founder & President Eunice Davidson Sent a Demand Letter Today to Washington “Commanders” Ownership & Key Leadership Formally Requesting The Team Revitalize it’s Relationship With The American Indian Community & Rightfully Change…

— Native American Guardians Association (@GuardiansNative) August 7, 2023

Recent polling suggests that only 1 in 10 Native Americans are offended by the term “redskin.”

“We should be listening to the Native Americans on the subject and not listening to the 10%… Let’s have a working group together, look at the facts, understand it, and make the right decision.”

Tony Andrews – Native American Guardians Association Project Manager

With nearly 70,000 signatures added to a petition to revert the name back to the Redskins, perhaps gamblers should consider laying some action on the prospect.

The above +2500 odds for NFL betting that are placed on the name changing back to the Redskins will payout at 25-to-1.

Jason Wright, the Team President of the Washington Commanders, admits that there are ongoing discussions regarding a potential name change but offers no indication as to which direction the franchise intends to go.

Minority-stake owner Magic Johnson has also chimed in on the subject of a name change recently, stating that everything was on the table at the moment.

The urge to change the name once again appears to be spurred on by a desire to erase the memory of Dan Synder’s tenure as owner of the team. During Synder’s 24 years as owner, there have been multiple investigations into impropriety, with a recent $60 million judgment against him for alleged personal and financial misconduct against a former employee.


Author: Arthur Lewis